Automotive Disruption at Mach Speed

By Zach Klempf - Selly Automotive


Automotive Change is Happening In the past 18 months, over $35 billion in major equity transactions have taken place within the automotive retail space.  In fact, 2013 and 2014 were two of the biggest years for private equity transactions in the sector since 2002. Not since the land speed record of Mach 1.020 was set […]

3 Simple Ways to Use Data to Grow Your Dealership

ePush! Bid Data

For the past few years, dealers more than ever began leveraging the power of business intelligence and data to grow their PMA. Using CRM’s, DMS systems and new affordable, easy-to-use tools, dealers began to analyze the data they collected on their prospects and customers, and to use it to conquest new business, reactivate lost prospects […]

4 Steps For Selling Units During A Recall

Take advantage of the "perfect storm" to sell more units!

Recall Selling

Automotive recalls are a double edged sword. You’ve seen recalls before, experienced lost profits and of course heard customer complaints. At the same time when customers visit your dealership for the recall there is a unique opportunity to show them a new vehicle and get them to trade up. The latest recall to affect the […]

900 Plus Digital Interactions BEFORE Purchase

The Automotive Shoppers Digital Path to Purchase


Auto dealership’s and marketers alike understand that the average research timeline for a new car purchase can span months. Luth Research’s opt-in panel (illustrating the order and pages a user visited), analyzed the searches, clicks, website visits, and video views that make up one individual’s path to purchase. The research resulted in a granular view of how the key auto shopping moments […]

Actionable metric insights to help improve and optimize performance

Finding the right metrics to optimize your marketing

ePush! KPI

Reviewing metrics from your Google Analytics or a KPI dashboard allows you to make pertinent decisions about your digital Marketing. These articles explain “how” and “why” analytics show you the path to marketing success. At ePush! clients use our proprietary BMP™ platform with KPI dashboard to view the top metrics for digital campaigns. Check it out here. There are a lot […]

Muscle Cars OF America

Top 3 Muscle Cars of America

Muscle Cars of America

These beauties are still going strong today! What is is about American Muscle that people love so much? From as early as 1964 a love affair was started with the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Check out the specs in this cool infographic on each vehicle.   From Visually.    

3 Innovative Ways Car Dealers Use Non-Cash Incentives to Close Deals

by Melissa Terzi - Braman Group

3 Incentive Strategies to close a car deal

From factory rebates to free upgrades to free car washes, new and used car dealerships nationwide use millions upon millions of incentives to boost sales each year. Some new car operations question why they should offer any other kind of incentive beyond the factory rebate. The answer is simple. All dealers who sell the same […]

How the Human Connection Isn’t as Bad as You Think

by Sherry Brown - Sales360

Human Connection

Do you remember your first car? Of course you do! Even though it was a beat up old whatever nearing the end of its life, it was sacred to you. You bought custom floor mats and seat covers, lovingly washed and waxed it, and even got some little do-hickey to hang from the rear view […]

Webinar – The Evolution of the Consumer Engagement Process

Sponsored by AutoSuccess Magazine


The Evolution of the Consumer Engagement Process Thursday, February 11, 2016     Matt Mead (President/CTO) and Sean Marra (CEO) of ePush! Data & Technology are the Automotive Marketing and Technology experts. They know how to Conquest, Retain, and Reanimate today’s in-market shoppers in ways that puts more money in your pocket. In this thrilling webinar they […]